Company Vision: Study and understand Global pharmaceutical chemicals and intermediates technology development trend. Effectively convert new technology results to production. Commit to meet customer needs with high quality product, competitive price, reliable supply and satisfied customer service.
Shanghai SABO Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-technology company located in Shanghai PRC, licensed to develop, manufacture and trade pharmaceutical chemicals, intermediates and fine chemicals. We supply more than 90% of our products to the Global Markets directly, covering Americas, European countries and South East Asia.


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Shanghai SABO Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd.
Add: Unit 5201, Huaqiang building,151 Keyuan Road, Pudong District,
Shanghai, P.R.C. Zip Code: 201204
Tel: +86-21-20220219,13917762459
Website: www.zeropluspluszero.com
E-mail: sales@zeropluspluszero.com
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